Whiplash Claims Guide

How to Make a Whiplash Claim

If you are involved in a car accident you can often experience a whiplash injury. If you have just been involved in an accident and you have suffered injury, one of the first things you should do is to notify the police. Normally they will not attend the accident scene unless there is serious injury or the vehicles are blocking the road, but you have a duty to notify them.

Once you have notified the police, you must obtain the name, address, vehicle registration and insurance details of the other driver(s) involved in the accident. It is also vital that you ask any witnesses for their contact details too, as they may be needed if the other driver does not admit that the accident was his fault.

If you have suffered an injury your next visit should be to your General Practitioner, or the Accident and Emergency Unit depending on the severity of your whiplash injury.

After you have received treatment you should next contact The Whiplash Experts so that you can be put in touch with a whiplash solicitor. It is important that the solicitor is involved in your case as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • They will be able to arrange a replacement car for you.
  • They will be able to help you deal with your insurance company and contact the other driver's insurance company.
  • They will be able to arrange any private medical treatment for you if needed.
  • They need to obtain the evidence from the scene of the accident to ensure your claim has the best chances of success.

Once you have passed the claim to an expert personal injury solicitor through The Whiplash Experts, the claim will proceed smoothly for you.

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