Legal Expense Insurance and Whiplash Claims

legal expenses insurance and whiplash claims

If you already have a legal expenses insurance policy in place and you are involved in a car accident you can still ask The Whiplash Experts to deal with your claim. That way you will receive the best legal help available for your whiplash claim and it will cost you nothing.

Although your legal expense insurer could choose a solicitor for you, often you will be referred to a very large legal firm where your whiplash claim is one of thousands like it. You might not receive the personal service you deserve and may feel more like a number than a person who is in a lot of pain following a car accident. Why choose that when you can chose to be taken care of by The Whiplash Experts?

My Legal Expense Insurer Tells Me I Must Use A Certain Solicitor

You retain complete control of your whiplash claims solicitor. Your legal expense insurer cannot force you to go to a solicitor that they select for you. The reality is that often the legal expense insurer only wants you to go to a specific firm because they have an agreement to send all of their claims to the firm that will pay them a set fee for every single whiplash claim that is referred to them.

What Makes The Whiplash Experts Solicitors So Special?

We hand select only solicitors that provide a personal and professional service. One of our directors is a former personal injury solicitor and knows what makes the best whiplash solicitor for you. We use his experience to select solicitors who really do want to provide you with the best possible service. Who better to choose a personal injury solicitor for you than a former personal injury solicitor?

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