The Whiplash Claims Process

How to Claim for Whiplash

Below is a brief summary of a the whiplash claims process. Although it might look daunting, your Whiplash Expert Solicitor will take care of everything for you, so you will be in safe hands.

  • After the car accident you can start to experience whiplash symptoms anytime from immediately to up to 24 hours or more later. You might feel pain in your neck, stiffening of the neck and back or shoulder pain. If you fear a bad injury you must notify the police of the accident.
  • You should attend your doctor or the local hospital to ensure that there is no immediate attention required.
  • You contact The Whiplash Experts. They immediately allocate you to an expert whiplash claims solicitor to look after your claim and you.
  • Your expert solicitor contacts you and explains they will be looking after your claim. They take some initial details from you and begin gathering evidence from you to ensure your claim is protected.
  • A short statement confirming exactly what happened is obtained and any witnesses to the accident are contacted by your expert solicitor to support your claim. The solicitor will also obtain a copy of the police accident report if the police were called to the scene of the accident.
  • Your solicitor will write to the other driver asking him to pass details of your claim to his insurance company. They have three months within which to investigate your claim and 21 days after this period has expired they must either accept that their insured was to blame for your claim or deny it.
  • If your injuries are severe your solicitor will request copies of your medical records and send them to a medical expert (normally an orthopaedic surgeon) who will carry out a full medical examination of you and prepare a report detailing his findings. If any treatment will help you the surgeon will recommend this in his report.
  • The medical report is sent to your solicitor. He reviews the report and sends it to you with his findings. If any treatment has been recommended your solicitor will arrange this with the help of The Whiplash Experts (we have a UK network of treatment providers that can provide you with immediate treatment for your injuries.
  • Details of your losses and expenses are prepared by your solicitor to send to the insurance company (or a firm of solicitors if they have instructed one too). If they have accepted liability for the accident and you have made a full recovery at this point you might now receive offers in settlement of your claim.
  • If no offers are forthcoming your solicitor will issue court proceedings against the other driver. The other driver replies to this in a document called the Defence.
  • Once all the evidence has been obtained by both sides, a final hearing will be arranged, where the court will decide if you are entitled to compensation, and if you are, how much. All of the time you will receive expert guidance and advice from The Whiplash Experts Solicitor.

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